About Me

Hello my name is Jason. I’m 38 yr Mental Health Advocate living with severe anxiety disorder. I am a recovering opiate addict with 2.5yrs of sobriety and a single father of a beautiful 3yr old daughter named Rayne. Ive decided to advocate for mental health as well as  addiction because they both have such a huge stigma surrounding them that impacts many others across the world today. Mental Illness and Drug Addiction affects thousands of people regardless of age, sex, race and religion. I have decided to speak out against the stigma surrounding both and  raise awareness openly sharing my story through blogging as well as other forms of social media. Some know me by my real name Jason and others as scoops777. No matter if you suffer from mental illness or drug addiction you are not alone and your illness or addiction does not define you and you are not alone in your fight. Feel free to message me or email me at any time if you need to talk. I am here for you and we are in this together. Much love to you all.