Codependency and Marriage

My first post. Reblog as many people as well as myself deal with codependency or codependent relationships.

You are Not Your Illness

Many marriages that are a codependent relationship do not last and end in divorce. However, if getting the correct help any marriage or relationship can be saved. Myself personally struggled with a very codependent marriage. My ex wife and I were very codependent and interdependent on each other for many things. Since I have been advocating for mental health and my own personal self, I have began healing and am trying to understand co dependency more. My biggest problem in my marriage and a lot of other aspects in life is I always tried to take care of everyone else and everyone else’s problems, not my own. In reality I was great at taking care of others, but failed at taking care of myself. I have never taken good care of myself and in letting go of myself I have forgotten how to do so. Now I am in the process of…

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